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About us

24/7 babysitters ParaSolka is a unique express service in child-care.

We provide services in the following formats: parents can invite a nanny home or to an office, to a cage, to a gym, to a beauty-studio, to a park or even to a shopping mall. We help parents and take care of their kids at weddings, birthday parties, conferences, corporate and other types of events. We provide consultations and recruitment assistance in placing a full-time nanny to a family, carry out an audit of performance and trainings.


Caring about every child

ParaSolka team

ParaSolka nannies are the high-class professionals who know how to reach out to any kid.

We know that trust is of vital importance in our work since we are all parents ourselves. We carefully and professionally select people to our team. We’ve been looking for our nannies all over the world and we’ve conducted dozens of interviews to find our people. Our main selection criteria are unconditional love to kids and specific education. We are proud of our nannies. They put their soul and love into their everyday job. Children feel it and parents know it. Our recipients get everything a kid needs: fresh air during walks, healthy day/night sleep, development and games, and, of course, a lot of attention. At the same time we are accountable to parents via messengers, photos, etc. Our clients get what they value most – confidence that their kid is safe, good and joyful. We work with infants, kids with special needs, bilingual kids. We are multilingual and multicultural.

Why ParaSolka?

Our strengths and vantages

We work with all kids

We provide nannies for kids from birth on and we are happy to work with special needs kids and bilingual kids.

24/7 service

We work 24/7, no days off

Professional nannies

Regular health check-up and a clear up-to-date medical record are mandatory for our nannies

Staff training

We organize in-house and external trainings for our personnel on relevant topics (first aid to kids, behavioral peculiarities of different ages, etc)

Entertainment and development

A full-time psychologist handles developmental and educational games with kids

Parental assistance

We are always here for parents not only with child-care but with simple human communication as well. We are ready to listen to, to share our experience or to just make a cup of coffee 🙂

Call us now. We know how and love to develop, take care of and entertain children!

How it works

Easy and quick way to book a nanny for your kid

Terms and Conditions

Please, read our rules that serve to your convenience and to the safety of your kid.

Book our service online

Use our Inquiry Form to send us your booking request or call the number  +38 067 988 7388.

Define the date and time

 We recommend booking a nanny one day in advance for regular days and several days in advance for the national holidays.

You can work or have some rest

You will have time to accomplish all the points of your “to-do” list while ParaSolka takes care of your child.

Terms and Conditions:

  • ParaSolka is a 24-hour service. Our babysitters work in shifts during workdays, weekends and on holidays.  
  • An appointment for a nanny is not less than 3 hours.
  • ParaSolka kindly requests you to book your nanny in advance (by phone or messengers). One day in advance is good for regular days, several days preferable when booking for holidays.  In case of an urgent need/force majeure just give a call and we do our best to help you asap.
  • In case when a nanny sees symptoms of sickness in a kid (rise of temperature, pale skin, nausea, coughing, running nose, etc) we inform the parents and ask for their further instructions.
  • In case when you booked a specific time for a nanny’s appointment and your nanny is over 15 minutes late, you pay only the next hour of work.
  • A nanny stays with a kid as long as is necessary. We do our best to provide two permanent nannies to one family to work in shifts.
  • A nanny’s shift is 8-10 hours.
  • If a client cancels an appointment less than 6 hours before it, a client pays 3 hours of a nanny’s work.  
  • In case a nanny finishes her appointment after 9 pm we kindly ask a client to call for a taxi.
  • Appointment outside the city costs 50% more to the price of an hour-rate.

Book a service

Booking with ParaSolka nanny service you agree with Terms and Conditions.


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