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ParaSolka nannies are the high-class professionals who know how to reach out to any kid.

We know that trust is of vital importance in our work since we are all parents ourselves. We carefully and professionally select people to our team. We’ve been looking for our nannies all over the world and we’ve conducted dozens of interviews to find our people. Our main selection criteria are unconditional love to kids and specific education. We are proud of our nannies. They put their soul and love into their everyday job. Children feel it and parents know it. Our recipients get everything a kid needs: fresh air during walks, healthy day/night sleep, development and games, and, of course, a lot of attention. At the same time we are accountable to parents via messengers, photos, etc. Our clients get what they value most – confidence that their kid is safe, good and joyful. We work with infants, kids with special needs, bilingual kids. We are multilingual and multicultural.


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